Private Lessons in German

German as a foreign language – Private lessons / one-to-one tuition – In Person or Online Course

Course description

This type of course is particularly suitable for those who want to learn a foreign language in a short time or refresh their existing knowledge. The language of instruction in this type of course is exclusively the target language. According to previous knowledge and the desired learning goal, a personal learning profile is first drawn up. Based on this profile, the learning content, such as colloquial, business or technical language, the number of necessary teaching units and the course duration are determined and agreed upon.

The lessons in the Individual Intensive Course take place either in individual or block lessons (one or several connected lessons per day).

You will achieve rapid success in full-day courses (morning and afternoon lessons), where you also spend lunchtime with your language trainer and can thus acquire the common expressions and idioms for everyday language use in practical speaking situations in the long term.

More information about German private lessons / private tuition

PrerequisitesNo knowledge required
Course start dateAnytime
Benedict-Schule Schweiz Benedict-School Switzerland