Learning German with the Power-Free-System

Learn the German language in the Power-Free-System, a unique language teaching method

Course description

The Power Free system is the unique language teaching method with free choice of time and course (free time allocation by the participant). It consists of the following teaching components:

  • Unlimited hours in the language learning centre
  • One-to-one tuition
  • Multimedia language learning centre with teacher support
  • Conversation group with teacher
  • E-learning with tutor support

This means that the personal needs of the participant can be taken into account even better, i.e. individual focal points can be specifically taken into account (colloquial language, technical language, etc.).

  • You set the lesson time and determine the start of the course
  • You come when and as often as you want
  • You only work when you are really motivated to do so
  • You study, repeat and work at school as long as and as often as your time allows (free revision)
  • You take part in our conversation courses free of charge
  • You are not tied to a particular place thanks to e-learning

The Benedict 4-phase concept

Phase 1: One-to-one tuition

New learning material is taught in individual lessons. Time and content-related wishes as well as individual focal points are taken into account.

Phase 2: E-learning / Skype training

As a further element, Benedict course participants now benefit from tutor-assisted e-learning. You can practise what you have learned where and when you want, for example at work, on holiday or at home. You are not alone here either – you have the option of writing an e-mail to your tutor at any time and will receive a reply by return of post.

The e-learning component was further developed for Benedict by renowned software companies and includes learning checks as well as a large number of videos and exciting exercises. Didactically well designed, e-learning offers an interesting alternative to existing forms of learning, especially for people who have little time to learn a language or attend school.

Phase 3: Conversation

In regular conversation groups, what has been learned is applied and deepened orally. In this way, speaking in particular is trained – for many people the most difficult thing in a foreign language, because learning from and with each other brings the best learning results. Learning in small groups is fun and the knowledge learned can be applied here.

Phase 4: Language Learning Centre

In the language learning centre, which has been developed according to the latest findings and is equipped with innovative learning software, the learners practise the material again. They can also train on their own topics: Vocabulary, pronunciation or preparation for a language diploma. In the language learning centre, students do not learn alone, but are supervised all day by a competent teacher who supports the students. The big advantage: In the Benedict Power-Free system, you come when and as often as you want, with free time and course allocation, either in the language learning centre.

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