2013-10-15 09:30

Deutsch Intensivkurse

Intensiv - Deutschkurse Kursbeginn alle 4 Wochen, jetzt Unterlagen anfordern

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Welcome to Bénédict Laguages School

Choose your best German courses for career, study or everyday life.

  • German Intensive Course
    For career, study, preparation for the Goethe diplomas.
    The quickest way to master German.
  • Semi Intensive
    For everyday conversation, who want to get familiar with people, surroundings, as well as understanding of the German language.
  • Diploma Courses
    Preparation for all Goethe diplomas.
  • Standard classes / Conversation classes
    In the evening or on Saturday
  • Free-System - to determine teaching
    The unique learning method. Combines private lessons, workshops and conversation classes.
  • Private lessons
    Self-paced learning course
  • Corporate Courses
    Group lessons

Which German course matches my needs? Here you will find a help.

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