Saturday course

Language courses on Saturday in small groups

Our Saturday courses also offer students or working people the opportunity to learn German at a language school. The Benedict School is known for its diverse range of language courses.


Basic course: 1 semester / 20 weeks, vocabulary development and expansion to approx. 2500 words, introduction and completion of grammar, intensive speaking training, conversation exercises.

Advanced course: 1 semester / 20 weeks, vocabulary expansion to approx. 3500 words with deepening and expansion of grammar, improvement of speaking skills

Advanced course: 1 semester / 20 weeks, vocabulary expansion to approx. 4500 words with deepening of grammar, special conversation exercises

Course target

Each lesson activates these crucial elements. The goal, conversation in a wide range of colloquial language, is achieved in an extremely easy and enjoyable way thanks to the simple structure of the grammar.

Course content

  • Expansion of the basic vocabulary by approx. 800 words per course level
  • Expansion and deepening of grammar
  • Conducting conversations; dialogue exercises
  • Conversation training and speaking exercises
  • Reading and writing texts
  • General oral and written exercises
  • Preparation for language certificates and diplomas

More information about the Saturday language course

Target groupFor all those who want or need to learn languages and prefer individual lessons in small groups.
For beginners who want to learn a language as intensively as possible.
For professional and colloquial language.
For advanced learners who want to refresh and deepen their existing language skills.
Placement testOur placement test is free of charge and non-binding
Class size4 – 8 participants
Course costs A1 – B1
Course costs B2 – C2
CHF 990.–
CHF 1’340.–
Teaching materialCHF 60.- to CHF 120.-
Course startJan. / Apr. / Aug. / Oct.
Course hoursSaturday, 09.00 to 12.00 hrs
Course duration5 – 6 months
Benedict-Schule Schweiz Benedict-School Switzerland